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#1000Dev: Empowering Bali's Young Talented Developers Through Impactful Campaign

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About #1000Dev

SaranaTech, in collaboration with industry leaders, developer communities, and educational institutions, has spearheaded an impactful campaign called #1000Dev to empower young and talented developers in Bali. This initiative aims to provide a platform for learning, collaboration, and growth, positioning Bali as a hub for tech talent.The primary objective of #1000Dev is to identify and support 1000 talented developers in Bali, fostering their growth and creating pathways for success. By investing in the local tech community, SaranaTech aims to cultivate a pool of skilled professionals who can contribute to the development of Bali's digital economy.Through #1000Dev, SaranaTech has taken a proactive role in empowering and supporting young talented developers in Bali. By providing access to training, mentorship, networking opportunities, and job placements, the campaign has helped shape the future of the local tech industry. As a result, Bali's tech community is poised for growth and poised to make a significant impact on the digital landscape.

Engaging the Developer Community

The #1000Dev campaign has garnered extensive support from the tech community in Bali, including the active involvement of the Google Developer Group Bali. This partnership has brought together experienced professionals and aspiring developers, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge sharing and mentorship.

Support from Educational Institutions

Primakara University and Bali International University (UNBI) are among the educational institutions that have rallied behind the #1000Dev campaign. They have recognized the importance of nurturing and harnessing the potential of their students in the field of technology. By offering their resources and expertise, these institutions contribute to the campaign's success.

#1000Dev Key Objectives:

  1. Workshops and Training Sessions

    SaranaTech organizes hands-on workshops and training sessions conducted by experienced industry professionals. These sessions cover various topics, including programming languages, software development methodologies, and emerging technologies.

  2. Bootcamp Program

    #1000Dev provides participants with access to a network of mentors who offer guidance, support, and industry insights. Mentors play a crucial role in nurturing talent and providing personalized advice to help young developers overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

  3. Networking Events

    SaranaTech organizes networking events that bring together industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and developers. These events offer opportunities for knowledge-sharing, collaborations, and potential career advancements.

  4. Provision of work tools

    We provide work tools in the form of laptops / PCs for young talents with good coding talent but limited funds to get qualified work tools.

  5. Job Placement and Internship Opportunities

    Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, #1000Dev facilitates job placements and internship opportunities for talented developers, enabling them to gain real-world experience and kickstart their careers.

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